Only £199 per month*

Only £199 per month*

Landing here can only mean one thing, the increasing cost of finding and recruiting staff. At Plan Staff Now we are transparent about our prices.

Cost per month is only £199*

What does this include?

Unlimited access to a membership of thousands of education professionals, both supply and permanent.

All members have been called, verified, and agreed to join.

Access to information on each candidate such as their CV, subjects taught, key stages, and distance they are willing to travel.

The use of our award winning service which allows you to search for and invite education professionals for an interview.

The ability to manage your existing and new staff within our service.

Reporting, such as number of supply days over a given period, reason for supply days i.e. illness, cost of supply days, and teachers used.

*There are no additional fees or charges, if you have more than 10 schools, please contact us for discounted pricing

What other charges are there?

None, we do not charge any additional fees or agency costs, £199 is the total cost regardless of how many teachers you use.

Are there any charges for taking on permanent staff?

There are no other charges for taking on permanent staff and you can take on as many as you like, unlike traditional recruitment agencies, where fees of up to 25% of a year’s salary can be charged per candidate.

Are there any charges for turning supply staff we use into permanent staff?

There are no other charges for making a supply teacher permanent, unlike traditional recruitment agencies, where fees of up to 25% of a year’s salary can be charged.

The House of Commons Education Committee recently concluded that "the shortage of teachers is a continuing challenge for the education sector in England, particularly in certain subjects and regions."

It added: "Although the Government recognises that there are issues, it has been unable to address them and consistently fails to meet recruitment targets. We would like to see a long-term, evidence-based plan for how investment will tackle challenges associated with the supply of teachers – particularly focusing on high-needs subjects and regions – including improvements to the Teacher Supply Model."

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