Teenager from London council estate wins £76,000 scholarship to Eton

Posted on: 2019-01-22 09:00:00

A teenager from an east London council estate has won a £76,000 scholarship to Eton.

Hasan Patel, who shares a two-bedroom council flat with his parents and two brothers in Leyton, will start at the prestigious private school in September.

The 16-year-old, who currently attends his local state school, George Mitchell School, is planning to study A-levels in history, geography, politics and drama.

His family hopes he will secure a place at Oxford or Cambridge after sixth form.

Abdul Patel, the father of the teenager, said: “I never thought when I left India in 1972 that my son would end up going to the same school that the English royalty have been to.

"All of his family are so incredibly proud of him and what he has achieved. We will miss him when he goes to Eton but going to this school will make a big difference to his future.

"We want him to go to Oxford or Cambridge. Being at Eton he will have a very good chance.”

He added: "He was always a very smart boy even when he was very young. At primary school he was the top of the class.

"If it was not for his headteacher Mr Hussain he would not have got the opportunity."

On Twitter, the 16-year-old said: “This is an opportunity I cannot refuse and it won’t mean my politics will change. I’ll still be the same kid fighting for social justice.

“I’ll still be the same boy from east London when I arrive and when I leave. I’m not joining the elite but simply getting an education my family would never be able to afford, paid by the college.

"I’ll return to my community better armed to tackle the many injustices we face.”

Source: The Independant

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