SCHOOL LOCKDOWN Schools across UK on lockdown after teachers were sent threats warning kids will be mowed down

Posted on: 2018-03-28 08:00:00

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: “The emails say that at 3.15pm a car will drive into as many students as possible as they try to leave.

"It says: ‘If you try and evacuate them the driver will get out and shoot any student leaving.

"You have a choice here, you can ignore this email and risk the lives of the students you say you care for, or you can listen to what we are telling you.

"The only way out is to go out with a BANG.”

The spokesman added: “We are aware of a series of malicious communications to schools across the country this morning.
“Enquiries are being carried out to establish the facts and forces are working together, along with the National Crime Agency, to investigate who is responsible."

It is believed that some schools are refusing to let children leave, despite parents having been called to collect them.

The threats follow a mass bomb hoax email demanding cash less than a fortnight ago.

Schools in the North East, London, Bristol and Humberside received the emails - thought to have been sent from the United States - claiming an explosive had been placed on the grounds.

Cops confirmed in a statement there was no “viable threat” to the schools after the hoaxers had demanded cash to stop the bombs going off.

Marlborough Primary School is believed to be one of 12 schools affected in the Plymouth area.

Headteacher Rachel Summers told the Plymouth Herald: "We followed procedure by phoning 999, phoning the police, as soon as we received that email - and then went into lockdown, so that children were all inside, with doors locked, nobody in, nobody out, just to be safe and make sure children were ok."

A statement for Durham Police said: "​We have received a number of calls from schools in our region reporting that they have been sent threatening emails.

"Police forces across the country are also believed to have reported similar incidents."

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police added: “We understand this may be a national problem and that schools have been receiving spurious emails.

"We are taking the matter seriously and are delivering messages over the phone and in person to schools.”

Enquiries are continuing to establish the facts and forces are working together to investigate the threat.

Anyone with any information that could assist police should call 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: The Sun

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