Oxford University student graduates aged 95

Posted on: 2018-07-30 09:00:00

John Philip Trower wearing his cap and gown

Mr Trower completed his shortened wartime degree in under two years

John Philip Trower finished a shortened wartime BA in modern history at New College in 1942.

However, he said he did not collect his degree at the time due to "inefficiency on my part", and waited more than seven decades to do so.

The graduation ceremony was arranged by his nephews Richard Trower and Martin Soldau.

Mr Trower was born on 16 May 1923 in London and attended school in Dorset before spending four years at Eton College.

He enrolled at New College in January 1941 as he was "not yet ready to be called up" to the Army, and remembers his time at university fondly.

"I left school a bit early," Mr Trower said. "My father was going to send me to do legal studies but the law school closed down in London because of the bombing.

"He sent me to Oxford to do a short wartime degree, which existed then."

A New College statement described the graduation as "long-awaited", adding: "At the fantastic age of 95, Philip has to be one of our oldest alumni to come back and graduate."

Source: BBC News

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