Mum of autistic boy slams school for 'abusive' voicemail

Posted on: 2018-07-17 14:00:00

Leighanne Bromley, 29, said Three Spires Academy in Coventry called after Harley, 10, was off sick.

But the member of staff who made the call failed to disconnect, and went on to make abusive comments about the schoolboy which were recorded.

The school has apologised and launched an investigation.

At the start of the 36-second audio clip, a female staff member can be heard asking how Harley is after his absence.

A click is heard when she finishes speaking, but the call remains connected.

The woman then strikes up a conversation with a male staff member, saying: "Make sure he's off all week."

She can also be heard to say she doesn't want to see Harley back "until the end of the year".

The male voice then says: "Tell you what - don't bring him back until 22 July... because that's after we break up."

Laughter and swearing can be heard throughout the recording, which has been heard more than 117,000 times since Ms Bromley shared it on Facebook.

She held a meeting with headteacher Rob Jones, but fears the school is trying to "sweep it under the carpet".


Ms Bromley told the BBC: "I was just gobsmacked and could not quite believe what I was hearing.

"I had to listen to it a number of times as I just couldn't believe it.

"I was horrified and felt like my son wasn't really welcome after hearing that.

"I think both staff members should be fired, but at the very least suspended while an investigation takes place."

A spokesman for the school, which caters for primary-aged pupils with significant learning disabilities, said: "We offer a full and sincere apology to Leighanne Bromley.

"This type of behaviour is not acceptable and goes against the values of our school.

"We are taking this matter seriously and a full internal investigation is taking place."

Source: BBC News

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