Conservative students pictured with 'F*** the NHS' T-shirt face disciplinary action from university

Posted on: 2018-10-04 00:00:00

The University of Plymouth's Conservative Society has been suspended following the incident
The University of Plymouth's Conservative Society has been suspended following the incident ( Wikimedia Commons )

A group of Conservative students – one pictured with a T-shirt saying “F*** the NHS” and another with a drawn on Hitler-style moustache – face disciplinary action from the University of Plymouth.

The Conservative university society is being investigated and has been suspended after a photograph of students posing in T-shirts scrawled in offensive slogans was posted on Facebook.

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... Plymouth University Conservative Society students on a night out... they may well have degrees in due couurse... but they don’t appear to have learnt anything useful.

The image emerged in the Daily Mirror on the final day of the Conservative Party conference – but it was taken inside a Plymouth bar where members were believed to be out celebrating.

The university’s students’ union has launched an investigation and has suspended the society.

“Whilst incidents like these are extremely rare, we take them very seriously. We totally condemn behaviour of this kind along with all forms of racism and anti-semitism.

"We obviously cannot comment further on the matter until our internal investigations are concluded,” the union said.

It is unclear which students from the photograph are Conservative Party members and if all those in the image belong to the Conservative university society.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon, chair of the Education Committee, has condemned the photo saying it reinforces stereotypes of what people think of the Conservatives.

Speaking to Talkradio, Mr Halfon said: “It’s really stupid of these students to do it. And I’m sure the ones who are members will be chucked out but it’s just the kind of image that we just don’t need.

“Unfortunately it confirms lots of people’s stereotypes, what they think of us Conservatives.”

On the photo, Conservative Johnny Mercer, an MP in Plymouth, said: “Idiots with no place in the Conservative Party. No need to suspend pending investigation; eject and bar for life."

A statement from the University of Plymouth said: “The University does not tolerate antisemitic or racist behaviour under any circumstance and will take disciplinary action in line with our procedures in the event of incidents such as this.

“We value our partnership working with the students' union and are grateful for their quick and responsible action in this case.

Eleanor Busby, Education Correspondent

Source: Independent

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