Can I home school my child in the UK, how does home education work and how popular is it?

Posted on: 2018-03-19 09:00:00

How does home education work?

Instead of going to a mainstream state or private school, children can be educated less formally inside the home.

Parents may choose to home educate their child if they aren’t satisfied with the local schools, for religious reasons, or if they want to be more involved with their child’s learning.

Children can either be taught by their parents, by tutors, or form a co-operative group with other home educated children nearby.

These groups give the opportunity for children to be taught by parents that are more specialised, take the pressure off one parent for teaching all subjects, and interact with other children as they can take lessons together and even go on trips.

Can I home school my child in the UK?

In the UK, it is entirely legal to educate your child at home, and it can be done either full or part-time.

If your child is already in school, you will have to write a letter to their head teacher requesting to take them out.

If you’re taking your child our completely, they must accept, but they can refuse your request if it’s only on a part-time basis.

You must give your child a full-time education, but you don’t have to follow the national curriculum and taking exams and qualifications are not compulsory either.

However, if your child wishes to go on to higher education, many colleges and universities need some academic proof, so you child may sit their GCSEs or A levels in a local school.

Source: The Sun

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