Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a recruitment agency?

    No, we are a service that connects schools with pre verified teachers, we do not charge traditional recruitment fees, and we provide an online service that will allow you to search for new supply or permanent teachers, invite them in for an interview, then decide whether to add them as part of your supply book, or as a permanent member of staff. All of your new and existing staff can be added and managed within the platform.

  • How do you find your teachers?

    We find teachers from various different sources including Press Advertising, Google Adwords, Bing, Job Boards, Universities, Linkedin, Opt In companies, European Job boards, & Social Media.

  • How do you make your money?

    We charge a small monthly fee regardless of how many teachers you use, or whether they are supply or permanent, typically 90% savings over a traditional agency.

  • How many teachers do you have?

    We have thousands of teachers all of which have been contacted and key information such as subjects taught, key stages, where they are willing to travel and much more.

    In contrast a typical recruitment company would have a few hundred teachers, which is why most schools use multiple agencies.

  • Can you call up to cancel or make bookings?

    You don't need to call up to cancel or make bookings unless you want to, it can be completed online, and you will be communicating directly with the teachers, you can even send a supply booking request to a group of teachers at the touch of a button.

  • With our current agencies, we only use what we need

    With our service you only use what you need as well, at a fraction of the price, and can also search for teaching resource up to 1 year ahead.

  • With our current agency there are no hidden costs

    We charge a single monthly fee with no hidden costs and unlike recruitment fees, it is a fixed fee regardless of how many supply days or permanent positions you have.

  • Have a good relationship with our agency

    You can also have a good relationship with us, you aren't accountable, you can still use the agency.

  • With our agency we always get teachers we like

    Because you will be interviewing the teachers directly, you will only take on the teachers you like, and because we source teachers from 12 different mediums including all of the job boards, google, social media, opt in companies and Universities, you will have more resource to be able to teachers.

  • Our agency does the relevant checks

    To keep costs down, Plan staff now do not do any of the checks, however all teachers are called and verified, and we also get their teacher reference number. Because you do the checks directly, you can be sure all of the checks have been provided, and see references directly without relying on agencies.

    If you do want the checks done by someone else, we have a sister company, who will be able to carry out the checks for a small fee.

  • Our current agency is very expensive

    We charge a small fixed monthly fee regardless of how many teachers you take on for supply work or permanently, and there are no additional fees should you choose to turn a supply position into a permanent one.

  • Because we use quite a few agencies we get constant sales calls

    Once you have signed up to our service, you will get no more sales calls from us, we are here to help you if help is required, but you can do everything via the online platform.

  • Some of the teachers our agency send are not trained

    With us you choose the teachers you take on, and interview them directly so you will gauge whether they are good or not, if they are you add them to your 'Cover Pool', or take them on permanently at no extra charge.

  • The agencies don’t always listen to what we need

    With our service you talk directly to the teachers, so you can express your requirements directly, so nothing is lost in interpretation.

  • When our supply teacher finishes a class planning and marking isn’t carried out

    Because you will be employing the teachers directly, you can ensure this is carried out directly.

  • To find supply staff we have to call multiple agencies

    No need to call anyone, if you want to get in touch with the teachers, you can do it in seconds online, saving you time, you can even send a request to a group of teachers.

  • We currently use job boards to find permanent staff

    With us you will no longer need to pay for job boards, because you will have access to one of the UK’s largest available education staff resource at a fixed monthly fee, this has the added benefit that you are not reliant on hoping that good staff will be contacting you, you will be more proactive.

  • With our job boards, staff approach us

    This can be a great advantage because you only get the people interested in working for you, it can also be a disadvantage because there are no guarantees that the advert will be seen by the relevant teachers, and you may have only a small number if any apply. With our service you will be able to search for your ideal candidate by staff type, subjects taught, years taught or radius from your school.

  • We can’t guarantee the right person will apply for the job

    With Plan staff now, you will be able to search for and contact directly the staff you want.

  • We don’t have the budget / budget cuts

    No problem, we may be able to help with that, if you need a supply or permanent member of staff how do you get them?

    If agencies, how much are you spending per annum?

    If adverts / job boards how much are you spending per annum?

    We may be able to reduce your budget significantly and give you access to all of the teachers you need

  • We have no supply teachers, cover all of that in house, if permanent position we use job boards
    i.e. wm jobs

    No problem,

    • How many jobs do you post during a year
    • How much does each advert cost
    • What is the quality like of the people that apply
    • Have you in the last 2 years had to go to a recruitment company because the relevant people didn’t apply?
    • How much did that cost?

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